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Per vittime terremoto Filippine

(Pro victimes Eartquake Philippines)


AIUTI PER LE VITTIME DEL TERREMOTO del 29 Ottobre 2019 in COTABATO e provincia di Mindanao (Filippine) - HELP for victimes of eartquake of 29 October 2019 in COTABATO and province of MINDANAO (PHILIPPINES)


Accepting the appeal of the victimes of the eartquake that struck NORTH COTABATO and the province of MINDANAO (PHILIPPINES) on October 29, 2019, victimes represented from Lady BONAIRA MASTURA, Cotabato, our Partner in the Philippines, (in the photo) PugliaSwiss International launches a Fundraiser Funds at the Swiss RAIFFEISEN BANK.

Donations will be used to provide food, water, clothes and medicines to families who have had their homes destroyed or damaged and who are now living in tents or in difficult situations.


Around 29,349 families were affected or equivalent 146,745 people while 28, 222 infrastructures were damaged, including 27,350 houses, 757 schools at 37 health facilities


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For contact Lady BONAIRA M. MASTURA:

Cellphone: number 09555635614



Il 09.12.2019 11:38, Isabella Bernasconi, Banca RAIFFEISEN, ha scritto:


Egregio Signor Venuti,


a seguito di un incontro con il responsabile Peter Flückiger, quest'ultimo mi ha confermato la possibilità di usare il conto intestato a PugliaSwiss per operare come da Voi richiesto (Raccolta fondi per le vittime del terremoto nelle Filippine).


Cordiali saluti.


Isabella Bernasconi

Consulente Clientela Privata Base


Banca Raiffeisen Mendrisio e Valle di Muggio

Via Lavizzari 19a

CH-6850 Mendrisio

We thank very much Ambassador of Switzerland in the Philippines ALAIN GASCHEN, that 02 December 2019 wrote to us:


Mr. Chairman, dear Dr. Orazio Venuti,


I thank you for your message and pointing out the difficult situation in Mindanao after multiple earthquake. We are saddened by the recent devastation and losses caused by these earthquakes and have expressed our condolences and sympathies to the victims and affected families to the government.


We have followed the situation carefully and have been in touch with the authorities of the Philippines, the Philippines Red Cross and with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Cresent (IFRC). The IFRC has  launched an Emergency Appeal to support the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) to deliver humanitarian assistance to some 35,500 people for 14 months affected by M 6.3 earthquake that struck Tulunan, Cotabato in Mindanao, with a focus on shelter, livelihoods, health, water, sanitation and hygiene, protection, gender and inclusion, migration and disaster preparedness.


As we did in the past, we consider government request or channel our support through the Philippines Red Cross. We welcome the testimonies of solidarity and support from Swiss NGOs and thank you for keeping us informed about your own activities in the Philippines.

Sincerely yours


Alain Gaschen



Embassy of Switzerland in the Philippines, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, and Palau

Gov Catamco wants to fast track earthquake rehab programs, creates restoration task force

We received, 15 November 2019, request of help from Lady BONAIRA M. MASTURA, Cotabato (Philippines)



President of PUGLIA SWISS International 
Via Borromini 15,6850 Mendrisio
As one of the concern Filipino,living here in the Philippines,and also I'm one of your friend here .I'm asking your support and sympathy to the victims of earthquake in North Cotabato,Philippines happened on October 29,2019.The earthquake is 6.5 magnitude that cause more or less 20 persons died.Their houses damaged and lost .Lots of establishments destroyed. 
The earthquake 's victims now are hopelessly longing for their daily needs of living like foods and rice to eat,blankets,medicines,clothes,canned goods,medicines and clean bottled water to drink.
I hope and pray that you can do a little help for my fellow Filipino victims of the earthquake in ..that thru this way of writting my REQUEST FOR HELP will help them move on and gain a better new life to forget the disaster they been experienced. 
God and Bless and More Power. 
Respectfully yours,
Bonaira M.Mastura 

(Concerned Filipino Citizen)


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